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You Can Help Yourself Fight Osteoarthritis


If you think you have osteoarthritis, the best thing you can do for yourself is to take an active role in your health. You should see your primary care doctor as soon as possible. He or she may order x-rays to see how progressed your osteoarthritis is, and you may also be put on prescription medication.


You and your doctor will work together to make a plan that is right for you and your osteoarthritis. This plan will help you slow down the progression of your osteoarthritis, as well as teach you how to control your pain and live a normal life.  Your plan will encompass weight control, medication, joint protection, exercise and possibly physical or occupational therapy.Read how one woman cured her Arthritis HERE!


Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis. Osteoarthritis can be caused by many different things. Individuals who are overweight may be at higher risk for osteoarthritis. Carrying around excess weight can cause joint cartilage to break down. Anyone who has suffered a joint injury may also be prone to osteoarthritis. If you have suffered energy to a joint, or if you do workouts which are high impact, you should monitor the health of your joints.


Many individuals with osteoarthritis do not want to exercise. However, your doctor will encourage you to. Exercise will help your joints from becoming stiff and it will also help strengthen your muscles. When you first start exercising, you may experience pain. This will usually decrease with time.


When you first start exercising, you may find that over the counter medications help to relieve the pain. You may also want to apply compresses to your joints. If you suffer with inflammation, you will want to apply a cold compress. If you have tight or sore muscles, a heat compress will work best.


You may also want to start supplementing your diet with a dietary supplement. A dietary supplement such as glucosamine has been promoted to relieve pain and slow down the degenerative process of arthritis. You should let your doctor know if you are adding a dietary supplement to your osteoarthritis health plan.



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