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Cause of Arthritis


The Cause of Arthritis Is Not Easy to Answer!


Anytime a person comes down with an illness or disease, they typically want to know what has caused it.  The cause of arthritis can be hard to determine. Often there are several factors which can be credited to certain forms of arthritis, while the cause of other forms of arthritis is unknown.


Genetics can play a role in determining if you will be susceptible to arthritis. There are certain forms of arthritis which seem to run in families. Age can also play a role in the cause of arthritis. As we age cartilage can become brittle and can lead to joint problems. Being overweight can also contribute to the development of arthritis. Carrying excessive weight can strain the joints which can lead to the breakdown of cartilage. Anyone who has suffered a joint injury may also be susceptible to arthritis.  Individuals who have had an infection in their joint–septic joint– or who have had gout may also develop arthritis.Read how one woman cured her Arthritis HERE!


There are also some forms of arthritis which seem to be related to the immune system. When the immune system overacts and starts attacking tissues and organs in the body, this can lead to many diseases and illnesses, and could be the cause of arthritis.


There are upwards of 100 forms of arthritis. Science has yet to find a cure for arthritis. This can be credited in part to the fact that the cause of arthritis in many cases is unknown. While some forms of arthritis can be credited to wear and tear of the joints over time, other forms of arthritis are not that simple, such as juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. While no one accepts arthritis, it is more understandable when it occurs to an athlete who may have suffered knee injuries versus an infant.


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Research continues on the cause of arthritis and the search for a cure continues on. Everyone is encouraged to educate themselves about arthritis and how they can contribute to finding a cure. You can contact the Arthritis Foundation at: to learn more.