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Aromatherapy (continued)

Aromatherapy and the burning of Essential Oils and Incense have been around for thousands of years. Oils, resins and fragrant plants have been used throughout the ages for religious, ceremonial, pleasurable and medicinal purposes in most civilisations.

Many early trade routes actually derived from perfumes and aromatic plants. Ancient Egyptian documents show some of the earliest uses of aromatherapy. Papyruses dated back 3000 years contain remedies for many illnesses and similar aromatherapy applications that are still used as remedies today.   The Ancient Egyptians utilised aromatic plants and their oils to make medicines, massage oils, skin care products, embalming preparations, cosmetics and perfumes.  

The Ancient Egyptian’s were not the only users of Aromatherapy. There has been other evidence uncovered, detailing the use of aromatic oils by Ancient African, Greek, Babylonian, Chinese and Mesopotamian cultures. The oldest book in China, the “Chinese Yellow Emperor Book of Internal Medicine” which was written in approximately 2697 BC contains information on the healing properties of over 300 plants.

Aromatherapy’s modern term was coined by the French Chemist, Rene-Maurice Gattefosse in 1928. Another French doctor, Jean Valnet published his own work in 1964 known as "The Practice of Aromatherapy".  Robert Tisserand then released a book called, “The Art of Aromatherapy” in 1964 and managed to capture renewed interest in the ancient healing practise in America.

Aromatherapy and its healing science has since become widely more accepted in the Western world, especially as alternative medicine and complimentary therapy become more in vogue.

Aromatherapy and the Sale of Essential Oils is now a billion dollar, worldwide business. It is common to find many mainstream doctors in Europe practicing Aromatherapy and some health insurance companies are even sanctioning payments for aromatherapy treatments. 

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